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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv. baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. heading home, combat operations end in iraq as the
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final troops pull out of the country. >> tonight we talk to the soldiers and questions of where we go from here. hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. a major milestone, more than 7 years after entering iraq the last combat troops are pulling out of the war torn country. reports from new york. >> reporter: it's the newest familiar -- news families of soldiers have been waiting for. nearly 4000 troops began crossing over. u.s. combat operations are scheduled to end. a pentagon spokesman says it's a long process to bring an entire brigade home and the operation cannot happen overnight. the u.s. still has plenty of trigger pullers there along with special forces. >> the primary role will not be
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to be out in front of any combat operation but to help lead iraq forces only when that mission calls for it. >> the ends of american combat forces comes more than 7 years after the u.s. led invasion to remove hues ann. -- hussein, iraq's top general is ready iraqi soldiers aren't ready to be on their own. but the u.s. isn't leaving iraqi forces to completely fend for themselves. 50,000 troops will stay until 2011. our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our dip although mats -- diplomats. now, according to the
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pentagon the death stands at 4415. shooting at the dog park a case that generated outrage across maryland. the policeman who shot a dog is now facing charges. mike cal gren has charges. those # 11 calls reveal keith shep hard did want to get help for the dog after he shot him. if convicted he faces a maximum of 9 months in jail and a $2000 fine. a federal police officer faces handgun and animal injury charges. a siberian husbandy. he claims bear bear threatened him, his dog and his wife. the officer sounded came. i
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>> reporter: jerome lucky came on scene and spoke to the officer minutes after the scene. >> he was telling me don't go in there, there's a vicious dog. and i saw bear standing there as calm as could be. >> we'll get ahold of animal control. >> get him quick. >> when i first heard of this tragic event i contacted the chief of police and said, you can't put this under the rug, you have to have a full investigation. >> reporter: the county executive says he's satisfied
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with that investigation. >> clearly there can be no sacred cows of the trough. whether this was a police officer or an average citizen, the penalty should. >> the officer didn't answer the door at his home, his lawyer says the charges are a surprise. bear bear's owner says they are pleased charges were filed. they had support online. >> we are willing to do whatever it takes to follow this as far as we can to see that justice happens for bear bear because he deserves that. >> reporter: now the state's attorney did find that officer shepherd was authorized to carry a gun, he's only charged with shooting it too close to occupied homes. thank you, mike. officer shep hard works at fort -- a rainy bloomy day across maryland turned into a rainy gloomy night. this wet ground may have caused this tree to topple. all of the rain is causing flooding problems just to our south. you can see in this video.
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and we certainly saw a lot of rain today, let's head straight over to the first weather center where tim is tracking the storms. >> reporter: the heavier rain has now moved over to the east. some of it is down to the southern -- let's take a look at radar. what you see is the front. it is now draped down along the southern edge of the state. we have been holding the temperature down with our high happening just after midnight. but as you see there are just a few light showers around the area. you are seeing that the biggest portion of the storm is down oh our south. we could still see some showers. so now as a result of that national weather service has lifted all of the flood watches and warnings that were in effect for the day.
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look at college park. 4 1/2 inches of rain there. savanna park really got hit hard. salisbury, all of those in the range of about 2 plus, almost 3 inches. this is all since midnight this morning. a lot of rain in a short bit of time. that was the reason for the flooding concerns. now we'll talk about how we're going to dry out. a possible case of road rage, police track down their suspect, new tonight, kelly mcpherson explains what led to the arrest. >> witnesses played a major role in this investigation. police are still trying to piece together what happened that night that would lead someone to kill while driving.
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at the busy intersection of 100 and telegraph road, calvin young was killed, shot in the torso while driving. 10 days later police have arrested 26-year-old james king as the driver and shooter. charging him with murder. police say road rage may have been the motive. >> i think some people need to learn to calm down while they are driving. you know what i mean, if you're that much in a rush you should leave a half hour earlier. >> people get mad for the silliest things because there's no courtesy. >> reporter: drivers are not surprised. reports that aggressive driving causes one-third of injuries on the road and 2/3 of all highway deaths. people have died from road rage all over maryland. police have not released more knives about what happened leading up -- information about what happened leading up to the
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shooting. i spoke with his family and they told me they don't believe this was a road rage incident. >> we drive down there this exit every day, i find it hard to believe that somebody just randomly shot him, i'm sure there's another motive involved. >> road rage is listed as a possible motive but this investigation is still going on. now, one thing we don't know is why the accused shooter james king was driving a rental car during the shooting. eyewitness news. kelly, thank you. several witnesses were able to identify james king. he is being held without bail. we are learning new information tonight on the days leading up to the murder of a university of virginia shooter. investigators released new documents showing yardly love and her exboyfriend fought just days before her death in may.
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one of love's sore orty sisters say she saw a fight between the two where hugly hit with a purse. his lawyer says it was an accident. beating their counter parts when it comes to being prepared for college. according to the baltimore sun scored as being ready for college level work. the act is an alternative test to the sat. also new tonight if you want to see justin beaver at the state fair there are some rules you need to follow to get into the show. don't think about lining up early to get the best seats. color coated wristbands will be given out to ticketholders at the main gate starting at 8:00 a.m. the day of the concert.
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the concert is set for october 15. he's got some counter fit colored wristbands in his drawer, too. don't sit too close, another airline finds another way to charge you more money. what you need to know before booking your next flight. plus, from the screen to reality, a real live csi lab is under investigation. an assault involving a ballet mar city -- baltimore city firefighter, was it an internet meeting gone bad? that's coming up. i'm tim williams in for bob turk. the rain is tapering and in it place sun sheen and warmer temperatures heading into the weekend. i'll have your first alert forecast coming up in just a few moments. complete coverage continues
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it is 72 degrees and overs cast in central marry lands right now. video from los angeles, a driver is caught inside a burning car, then watch several total strangers come and pull the unconscious man to safety. 68-year-old suffered two cracked vertebra when his ford was rather ended.
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-- rear ended. a scathing review of -- the inquest found analysts overstated or made false reports in order to help prosecutors. among the cases in question is the father of great michael jordan. two men were sentenced to life in prison for that crime. today's report does not conclude innocent people were convicted. the 190 criminal cases in question occurred between 1997 and 2003. an encounter with a trance gender person ends in violence, once the clothes came off the firefighter claims he was surprised. explains why police question that story. >> baltimore city firefighter faces charges of assault
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following a violent confrontation august first with tamara king, a trance jeaneddered woman also arrested for assault. >> he had hit the other party in the head with a hammer. the other party also had taken out a pair of scissors and tried to assault mr. >> according to court documents king told investigators the two began taking off their clothes to have sex. but he said he didn't want to have sex with a transvestite. there was also an argument about money. >> money, they were, you can hear the apartments are thin, you can hear the rustling. >> did you hear him say anything. >> give me my money. >> reporter: another neighbor says that tonya king knocked on his door asking for help. he says he also saw the firefighter standing over her with a hammer in his hand. nobody answered the door at the
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jets home or at tamara's apartment when we tried to find out how the two met. >> there's one version of where mr. make jet says he flagged this person down on the street. further investigation says they possibly may have met on lean. she said she met on -- also discovered the firefighter was convicted of a misdemeanor assault and battery in the mid 1990s. more serious charges were dropped. also say the firefighter was in his uniform at the time of the assault. he has been suspended without pay if the baltimore city fire department pending the outcome of the case. both defendants are scheduled to appear in court september 2nd. the recall of eggs at the same at the same -- tainted by
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salmonella has been increased. now 380 million eggs. several states have reported a spike in salmonella illnesses. the eggs were sold in 17 states, maryland was not one of them. if you like to sit in the first three rows of a plane you will now have to pay a new seat fee for that privilege. american airlines is charging for its express seat. they are the first two or three rows in the coach cabin, the seats can be purchased starting 24 hours before take off. youngsters aren't the only ones breaking car windows, even big leaguers are guilty of it. watch his homerun from last night, it flew out of fenway park and right into the rear window of a toyota parked on
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the street. unlike most he has a story to go with his broken window. i think the player could afford to fix that if he wanted to. i can hear him yelling at him for breaking the window. well, definitely not the day for anybody to be outside playing ball but that will change, the weekend looks pretty nice, tomorrow looks better, so let's talk about your current forecast. we're looking at temperatures just around 72 degrees. moisture level is really high out there today. it is really muggy when you go out. humidity at 90% and the winds now coming in from the north northwest, still bringing in lighter cooler winds so our temperatures are staying down, but our temperatures haven't changed much. we got to our daytime high just after midnight or so. we hit that at around 12:54 and
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we haven't really changed much since then. we are going down pretty much to our average overnight low of 66. but nowhere near the records, although we will be going back into the 90s. right now across the state, 61 in oak lands, 64 in cumberland. most of us are in the low 70s which is well below the average for this time of year, all the moisture and calm wind we do expect to see some fog forming overnight. all that moisture sitting in place and cooling down. so basically some clouds on the ground. if you will. but we are going to see this rain tapering off. we have been watching this draped along the lower mid atlantic and over towards kentucky and tennessee an several ripples of low pressure have been riding that and that's been bringing us this rain over the last few hours or so. we'll say since midnight we've
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been seeing this. but we will start to see improvement. while you could see some scattered showers, we will see some sunshine through the afternoon. as we start to get to the afternoon, warmer air starts to move in and we'll start to see temperatures move toward 90. with this chance of very dry cold front draped just close enough to us that we could see maybe a slight chance of showers sunday. sunrise tomorrow, 6:23. 66 degrees tonight. very muggy tomorrow. 86 degrees and for the next five days, 91 on friday. overnight lows down around 70. thank you, tim. the orioles add to their highlight reel but do they add to theiei,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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for the first couple of weeks [ indiscernible ] singing the oriole magic song but they have been off key mostly. after the mariners shut them out last night. in need of some come back magic the os trailed. with a deep drive sending david pauley's pitch to right feel, that would cut the deficit to one run. now weeder had another chance in the next inning. liner to left field, matt to youy off the sofa and the os fall short. the texas rangers are in town for a 4 game series starting tomorrow. the ravens, one more day of work outs then the team packs up for owings mill. washington on saturday.
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john harbaugh on the upcoming game. >> you start to get a feel after two games. this is a big evaluation game for those younger guys. >> reporter: linebacker is the latest addition to the list. ravens practice tomorrow morning at 8:45. vikings training camp, the official return of brett favre, again. it's become an annual ritual. favre will play his 20th and final season. >> 20 years and i'm done. this is the last year of my contract. i'm sure a lot of people are like, yes, including my family, yes. we love to watch you play but we can't take the agony. >> he says he plans to play in the vikings preseason on sunday. pro soccer at the palace taking
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a son of bob marleigh makes an appearance, reading from his memoir dear dad. he spoke about growing up estranged from his father and growing up on the streets of miami. he is on a 27 city tour coins
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letterman is next with niklas page. thanks, everyone. thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz13, maryland's


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